Tinder Uncovered – What’s All The Fuss About?

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m aiming to write about less heavy, more lighthearted topics this month, as some recent articles have been quite controversial and serious (ie, abortion, abuse and feminism). I love to mix things up a bit and include some craic in my writing so when I was brainstorming ideas, the Tinder phenomenon seemed like an obvious choice.


For those of you who have been living under a rock for the last four years, Tinder is a location-based dating app that facilitates communication between mutually interested users, allowing matched users to chat. Using Facebook, Tinder is able to build a user profile with photos that have already been uploaded. Basic information is gathered and candidates who are most likely to be compatible based on location, number of mutual friends and common interests are then streamed into a list of matches.


Based on the results of potential candidates, the app allows the user to anonymously like another user by swiping right or pass by swiping left on them, and in recent times, the Super Like has been introduced, for those who want to show they’re very interested (or very desperate, more so the latter). If two users like each other it then results in a “match” and they are able to chat within the app. It’s really as simple as that.


Personally, my experience on Tinder has been an interesting one, to say the least. I’ve installed and uninstalled the app a good few times over the last few years and have come across some rather..unique..? individuals along the way. To put it simply, Tinder is everything you expect it to be and more, in both the worst and best ways possible. What I mean by that is, you’re going to come across some creeps, some assholes, some desperate souls and some lads just looking for a laugh, so basically it’s like a regular night in Havanas through the screen of your iPhone 5.


My only advice to you when using Tinder is to take it as seriously as you want it to take you. That mightn’t make much sense but basically, you have to understand that different people are on it for different reasons and that’s perfectly okay. Some are just on it for a laugh and a little ego boost, while others actually hope to find their Tinderella. The easiest way to ensure you don’t end up offending anyone or sending out the wrong message is to keep your wits about you. It’s fairly obvious after a few messages if a guy (or girl) is just looking for a casual shag or actually wants to know your deepest, innermost thoughts on world politics and poetry. Separate the two according to your own preferences and away you go!

It’s all well and good me filling you in on the background of Tinder, but in order to give a proper insight, I thought what better way to uncover the app than to get chatting to some of it’s dashing, male Irish users. I interviewed a good few lads and got some very mixed answers in the process, all of which were super informative and some highly entertaining. Here’s how I got on…

Victim #1  – Andrew (19), Limerick

Q – Why did you decide to join Tinder?

A – Boredom mostly. I heard from a few people that it was fun but I always liked meeting new people and heard this was a good place to do that, so here I am!

Q – What would make you swipe right?

A – Usually I’d look at a girl’s eyes/smile but that’s just me, I’m huge into those things. It’s obviously difficult to judge someone’s personality based on a set of photos but I like to think I make the correct decision.

Q – And what would cause you to un-match someone?

A – If they were rude/nasty, like if they insulted me or said something offensive.

Q – Have you ever met up with a Tinder match in person?

A – Yes I have, quite a few times actually. Haven’t had a bad experience yet! Usually it’s a bit awkward at first but once the ice is broken it usually goes well.

Q – And out of those, have you met any possible Tinderellas?

A – Hahaha, hmm perhaps! So far though out of those I’ve met in person I haven’t gone into anything serious but I know people who are in serious relationships with people they’ve met on Tinder.

Victim #2 – Stephen (23), Mayo

Q – Why did you decide to join Tinder?

A – I heard friends talking about it, being single, I felt it might be a way to find an interesting girl to chat to.

Q – What would make you swipe right?

A – Someone who is instantly attractive in their photos, has great style (sense of dress), fit body (slim to borderline curvy), nice smile and eyes.

Q – And what would be a reason for you to unmatch a girl?

A – I suppose if I accidentally pressed like to someone I wasn’t attracted to and we matched, that’s the only reason really.

Q – Ever met up with someone you matched with? If so, how did it go?

A – Yes. I’ve had a few different experiences but they were okay. One of them definitely had a special app to make her look 5 stone lighter. She actually frightened me, I brought her for food and she ate more than me, and I’m a savage to eat!

Victim #3 – *Conor (21), Clare

Q – Why did you join Tinder?

A – Ah, to get talking to girls and possibly go on dates.

Q – What would make you swipe right?
A – Nice eyes and nice smile!

Q – What would make you unmatch someone?

A – If they were mean.

Q – Ever met up with a match in person?

A – Yes! We went for a few drinks in town and had a chat.

Q – Weirdest thing a girl has messaged you?

A – A girl asked to interview me for her blog once!

(well, that was telling me!)

Victim #4 – *Tom (19), Cork

Q – What made you join Tinder?

A – I joined Tinder because when my friends found out I wasn’t on it, they laughed and mocked me so you could say peer pressure was a big influence!

Q – And what would make you swipe right?

A – Definitely a girl with a pretty smile! Also I like to read their bio a little bit and see what they’re like. I’ve never swiped right to a person who is or was a ‘full time mad b**tard’. I know the main idea is built on a very inconsiderate logic – liking a person just based on their looks, but then again, it’s a very popular app so I guess it works.

Q – Ever met up with one of your Tinder matches?

A – No, I’m quite shy, plus, the opportunity hasn’t really come up yet.

Q – Weirdest/most cringey chat up line used on you?

A – “Roses are red, violets are fine, if I be the 6 will you be the 9?” – safe to say I unmatched straight away!

Q – Would you consider yourself romantic?

A – I like to think so. The value of hand written notes/letters are very underrated in our era and means a lot more sometimes than texts. Spontaneous presents are something I used o do with a girl I was seeing before. Jesus, if the lads heard me talk like this..

Q – Do you think it’s possible to find love on a dating app like Tinder?

A – Most definitely! I guess it’s all about seeing if there’s a connection there with someone and if you’re willing to hold onto that.

Now that you’ve heard from the lads, here are my top tips for keeping your Tinder game strong, especially if it’s me you’re trying to woo (bear in mind I’m probably a lot more picky and skeptical than most). These apply to both genders and some may seem obvious, but believe me, there’s an awful lot of lads that need to dust up on them.

  1. Don’t Have A Group Snap For All Of Your Photos

I’m on here to find a man, not play Where’s Wally so if you could post at least one photo where it’s obvious which one you are, that would be fab. Generally if someone’s first photo is of 4 or 5 lads, I’ll just swipe left immediately, because effort.

2. Don’t Use Bad Spelling/Poor Grammar

In this day and age, there’s really no excuse for it, even if you’re dyslexic there’s autocorrect on everyone’s phone. So if your opening line to me resembles “du go 2 college in cork?” or “wat u up ta sexi?”, it’s a no from me, and I suggest you take that nonsense back to Bebo.

3. Don’t Insult

That may seem like a fairly obvious one but I’ve gotten my fair share of rude comments on Tinder, often from people I’d never even spoken to on it. If you’re really that childish you shouldn’t have a phone, never mind be on Tinder.As the saying goes, if you’ve nothing nice to say, shut your mouth.

4. Don’t Ask About My Sexual History

Especially when you’ve only been talking to the person for a very short time. It’s rude, unnecessary and pretty much guaranteed to get you unmatched in 0.6 seconds flat.

5. Pay An Interest In Me

Actually showing interest in my college course, job or hobbies is just plain manners. Nobody likes someone who just rattles on about themselves the entire time or won’t listen to the other person.

Big thank you to the guys who helped me put this post together, you were all mad craic and the girls of Irelands are only spoilt for choice with you on Tinder 😉

*Names changed as they “didn’t want the lads to slag them”.

J x

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