Pro Choice – Why I’ll Always Stand My Ground

Of all my controversial blog posts, if this one doesn’t get me slaughtered, nothing will, but regardless, I will make my voice heard. There are endless topics of discussion that I have strong views on and with many of these, I’m fully open to having these views altered by the contrasting opinions of others. Abortion however, is always and forever, something that I believe should be legal in Ireland.

One of the most perfectly phrased quotes I’ve heard in relation to this whole debate is – “pro-life is ‘I know what’s best for you’, pro-choice is ‘you know what’s best for you'”. It never ceases to amaze me how some people, of both genders, believe a woman’s choices in relation to her body should be out of her hands. I mean, what gives anyone more of a right to decide what’s best for another person, than that person themselves?

In Ireland in recent years, we’ve overcome so many barriers that we should all be immensely proud of. Developments such as free education, universal voting rights, marriage equality, the list goes on. Yet, we’re still living in an era where the Catholic church, the Government and a bunch of brainwashed, selfish, pig-headed individuals have control over what a woman decides to do with HER body. It just doesn’t make sense and quite frankly, makes me rather disappointed in our country.

When I voice my opinions on abortion (which is quite often), I get people asking me what my issue with babies is and how can I be so “inhumane”. To put the record straight, I have no problem with procreation, children ARE a wonderful, precious gift – to those who want them, want being the crucial part. My problem is with people who believe it’s right to bring innocent children into the world when they are not wanted/cannot be cared for. If that comes across as too harsh in your eyes then fine, but that is the blunt reality of it and it’s about time people were burst out of their little bubbles where bearing 10 children is considered the sole purpose of a woman’s existence.

People will argue that there are “so many better options” than abortion, the most (over) used one being adoption.I find it bizarre and cruel how one would suggest putting a woman through an entire pregnancy, one which she clearly doesn’t want to continue, in order to put the child up for adoption at the end of it all, is a “better option”. Not only is it cruel to do it to the woman (think of the psychological impact), it’s also often a form of cruelty to the child.

Of course, there are so many people in the world who can’t have children for various reasons, who turn to adoption in order to start a family. What people tend to ignore is, there are already millions of children orphaned throughout the world, who’s parents have died or are unable to care for them, many of whom will remain in orphanages for their entire childhood. Yet, Pro-Life campaigners still believe unwanted children should be continually brought into the world. If that’s not cruel, I don’t know what is.

Another aspect of this ever-argued conversation is the belief by some that the life of an unborn child, actually no,  let’s be correct, a fetus, is more important than a woman’s life. It’s absolutely sickening that in 2016, a woman who’s told her baby will not be born alive or faces serious medical risks herself, is forced to continue a pregnancy. It’s nothing but inhumane that these Irish women, who’s choice is to terminate that pregnancy for their own safety, which of course should be the priority, are forced to travel to the UK and beyond to receive the care they are entitled to.

Perhaps the most horrifying case I’ve ever come across involved a woman, who at the time was half way through pregnancy, suffered a brain injury and was therefore brain dead. Her body was put on life support in order for the fetus to grow full term, despite the fact that she was clinically dead. This woman was basically used as a human incubator, her basic human rights stripped from her at the time of her death. Unethical beyond words and honestly makes me upset to think about.

Just because I’m Pro-Choice doesn’t mean I want to force my views upon others. Abortion is a personal decision, the same as a pregnancy is a life-changing situation. Why should a woman’s life be altered permanently in a way she doesn’t want it to, simply because another person believes their opinion is superior to hers?

The one question that seems to pop up in every Pro Choice VS Pro Life debate is whether or not one views conception as the beginning of ‘life’. Personally, I don’t consider it ‘life’ (as in a living, breathing human being) until the unborn reaches the age where it can survive and grow into a healthy baby, which in most cases, doesn’t occur if a pregnancy lasts less than 24 weeks, which is the abortion cut-off point in the UK. Therefore, I believe abortion should be legal up to this point.*has gun held to my head*

The thing with some of the more extreme Pro-Lifers, those also heavily involved with the church is, you simply can’t win with them. In their eyes, abortion is wrong, but so is preventing a pregnancy in the first place. But hey, overpopulating the world? Sure that’s a much better option. An awful lot of the views surrounding this are extremely uneducated ones, I mean some deluded individuals even believe that sperm entering a condom is a loss of life *face palm* – I guess that’s why Ireland was considered so behind the times and contraception was illegal until only a few years ago.

  By way of conclusion, I feel it’s important for me to reiterate that in no way am I trying to inflict or force my views on others. If my opinions influence you to think more like me then that’s fantastic as I do believe that I’m correct in what I’m saying, however, we’re all entitled to our OWN opinion. What I find most ironic, and perhaps sums up just how invalid many of their views are, is when you tackle a Pro-Lifer and they throw the “I have the right to my opinion” line at you. Abso-f**king-lutely you do – but how is that any different to you trying to strip away the personal choice of another? Case closed.

I’ve attached a link to an incredibly well written article by Cork woman Susan Cahill, who tells her abortion story and how she has “no regrets”, definitely worth a read regardless of what bench you’re on  –

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