How To Survive Being Single During Christmas

Greetings friends,

Hope you’re all having a fabulous week so far. This post is one I’ve been wanting to do for ages and I feel it’s something so many of us can relate to. I also thought it would be an opportunity to let my weird but wonderfully witty sense of humor shine through (bare with me please). But seriously, if we can’t laugh at ourselves, what are we doing with our lives!

This Christmas is the first one in 4 years that I’ll be spending single. Having come out of my first proper relationship at the beginning of 2015, I adjusted to the single life quite well, if I do say so myself. The freedom, never having to rearrange plans to suit someone else or impress anyone, I took on a whole new sense of selfishness, but the good kind, putting myself first for once.

I really hadn’t taken much notice of my single status until the Christmas season swung back around. Christmas, without a doubt, is ‘couples season’. They’re everywhere! Shopping centres, Starbucks, even the college libraries, there’s no escaping them as they flock and descend around you.  I’m aware of the fact I must sound like a total Grinch right now, don’t get me wrong, I love a happy couple as much as the next person, but in small doses, and as we know, modern day Christmas doesn’t the meaning of small doses. This Christmas has reminded me of just how single I really am.

Christmas as a singleton must have its perks though, right? Of course it does, so instead of whinging about why Christmas is for couples, I’m going to remind all my fellow single Pringles of how lucky they are to be flying solo this year!


1. Save Money (and lots of it too!)

When you have a significant other that needs buying for at Christmas, you’ll notice your funds depleting by the second. Christmas gifts, cards, soppy seasonal days out, overpriced festive hot beverages, they all add up and quite often, to vast amounts. Not a problem for us singletons though, eh?


2. Treat Yo’ Self

This point relates back to no.1 and the money you’ll have saved from not having a boyfriend/girlfriend to buy for. Everyone deserves a treat and this can be particularly beneficial if you’re newly single and/or your ex was a bit of a prick/bitch. Retail therapy is the most effective of all (yes it’s a fact) so go ahead and treat yourself this Christmas, because let’s face it, who else will?


3. Don’t Feel Sorry For Yourself

We all know there’s nothing worse than a miserable Christmas guest who won’t join in with the shitty party games and cringey karaoke. DO NOT be that person. Whether you’re newly single or have never been anything but single, try not to let the couples around you make you feel inferior. Make the best of the situation and be the soul of the party. Being honest, a lot of your loved up friends will probably feel even a little jealous that you’re free to let your hair down without having anyone else to worry about.


4. Get The Shift

One big advantage to being single at Christmas is being able to choose from a selection of mistletoe partners. Use this to the best of your ability! The element of mystery will add a dash of excitement that you’re no doubt in dire need of. Bonus points if the lucky buachaill resembles Tom Daley (a girl can dream..).


5. Go On An Adventure

Throw caution to the wind and arrange a fabulous winter trip/outing. Whether it’s skiing in Andorra or a tour of a chocolate factory, go do something you’ve always wanted to but never got the chance to while in a relationship. Even better, do something you LOVE but know your ex would have HATED, it’ll make you realise how much happier you are as the sassy, independent creature you’ve become.

Whether you’re blissfully loved up or single as can be this Christmas, I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe even got a laugh out of my rather peculiar sense of humor. Think I’ll leave it out of its box more often. Wishing all of my readers a very fabulous Christmas!

J x

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