Feminism VS Misandry – Knowing The Difference

An Domhan I Mo Cheann(15)

Hi all,

Hope you’re all enjoying your Friday and the run up to Christmas. Today’s post is one I’ve been pondering for quite a while, one which I know will receive very mixed opinions, but anyone who knows me will tell you how opinionated I can be so I felt it had to be shared.

The misconception surrounding the feminism movement is something I find incredibly alarming. The number of people who are completely unaware of the basic definition of feminism is startling to say the least and there’s without a doubt, a huge stigma surrounding feminism, which I believe needs to be cleared up without delay. A prime example of this, in my opinion, is the UCC FemSoc, which are regularly accused of being “man haters”, by ignorant, uneducated individuals. Students of such a highly respected university, who no doubt are studying in areas which require great academic strength and logic, are behaving in such an idiotic and unnecessary way, a way which needs to cease being practiced fast.


Not many of you knew that was the definition of feminism now did you? ‘A belief in the social, political and economicĀ  of the sexes’ – that’s right, equality. In no way does feminism promote or believe in the superiority of females over males, it’s all about equality and unity of the two genders. But why is there such a misunderstanding of the term?


The sole reason for the misconception of feminism is down to misandry and it’s believers, misandrists, who believe males are of the inferior gender and therefore have a strong distaste for men in general. So many people confuse misandry with feminism, even though the both stand for completely opposite morals.

Knowing The Difference


It’s very clear from the chart above that the beliefs of a feminist and a misandrist are very, very different. Most people don’t realise that men can be feminists just as much as women can, and having learned the correct meaning of feminism, why wouldn’t they be? In 2015 modern Ireland, courtesy should be a common practice among both genders, there should be equality rights for both men and women, and above all, nobody should be ashamed to call themselves a feminist. Ever.


Above is a quote from Emma Watson’s infamous gender equality speech which she delivered in 2014 as part of the UN HeForShe campaign. As a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, she speaks of how feminism is far too often confused with ‘man-hating’ and I couldn’t agree more. Another incredibly relevant point that she makes is how men often feel unable to express their emotions, in the fear of appearing ‘less manly’. Feminism doesn’t favour either side over the other, but purely aims to achieve complete equality for both genders, in every way imaginable. You can watch the entire speech here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-xqeTvD3as and I assure you, it’s well worth 12 minutes of your day.


As a young women growing up in modern Ireland, I’m 100% proud to say that I am a feminist, but in no way am I a ‘man hater’ or do I consider males inferior to females. I hope this post is both informative and influential to all who read it, and that at least one uneducated, incorrect idea of feminism will be changed.

J x

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